Practice Facilities

The Practice Facility at Glenwild offers all the resources and amenities required to satisfy the scope of its membership. Comfort stations, lounge areas, Titleist practice balls, and a variety of hitting areas are available to members and their guests daily - until dusk.

Glenwild’s Driving Range runs from north to south with five hitting areas split between either ends of the range. Nine target greens are spread across the range and maintained just like regular on-course greens. Each practice station is stocked with new Titleist Tour Soft practice balls. Alignment rods, tees, sunscreen, and towels are all readily available. Additionally, there are sand bunkers and small water features on the range to help simulate actual on-course conditions as closely as possible to help maximize the utility of practice time.

Golfers can sharpen their short game using one of four dedicated target greens that are separate from the Driving Range. There are two chipping and pitching greens that feature two greenside bunkers. Shots from seventy five yards and closer can be honed quickly using these special practice areas. The two putting greens are large and offer a variety of sloped and straight putts.

The Driving Range is not just about practice. Golfers can just as easily relax and enjoy the sweeping views of Park City Mountain Resort from one of several Adirondack lounge chairs that dot the range. Nearby comfort stations offer water, sandwiches, chips, and granola bars for members and their guests to enjoy.