Glenwild Golf Club and Spa

Mobile Spa Services

Find yourself. Lose yourself. Repeat

No matter who you are - no matter what you do - you can always use a little personal attention, a little pampering, and thanks to a visit to the Glenwild Spa, you can have it all.

The Spa at Glenwild is an exclusive benefit for members and guests, created to enhance both overall health and promote well-deserved relaxation. Massage therapies range from deep relaxation massages to therapeutic reflexology to personalized aromatherapy, each designed to heal body, mind and spirit. The Spa's highly trained staff also provides the very latest in skin-care treatments, such as multivitamin and environmental control facials to help restore optimum skin health. Full body treatments, such as herbal linen wraps and enzymatic sugar glows are offered to detoxify your body, de-stress your mind, and renew your skin. The Spa also offers state-of-the-art training equipment and exercise/fitness techniques to further enhance overall body health and well-being.